Space ☆ Soulmate Verse


Sleep is heavy on his mind, limbs rightfully so as the phone dangles from his fingers. His free hand rubs at his eyes as he glances through the shadows of the apartment to the clock.

“You fell asleep on me, didn’t you?” Cihn’s voice sounds through the reciever and he wakes a bit more.

Busted. ZJ smiles softly on his end. “Sorry.”

Cihn sighs heavily, almost dramatically. “Don’t apologize.”

“Right.” His free hand rubs the back of his neck as he yawns. “Headin’ t’ bed?”

“I’m tucked in now. Just called to hear you say it.”

A pause. “Ya ain’t even gonna tell me whatcha did today?”

“I don’t care about what I did today. Besides, it’s still going to be another week before I get to come back home. If I tell you now, I won’t have anything to say when I get back.”

“…Makes sense. I guess.” ZJ runs a hand through his hair, mind still in a fog.

“So? Are you going to say it or not?”

Another pause. “I miss you.”

“No, not that. The other one.”

“Oh.” ZJ’s smile becomes fond, his tone intimate. “I love you.”

There is a pause on the other end and ZJ can guess the expression on Cihn’s face. “Goodnight, ZJ.”

And before ZJ can return the sentiment, the line goes dead. Surprised, he pulls the phone from his ear and glances down at it. Odd…

He sets the phone back down with a sigh, prepared to head back to bed when the ring pierces the silence of their home. Taking a step back, he picks it up once again.

Before he can even speak a greeting, the line fills with an apologetic, “I love you too.”

ZJ chuckles. “‘Night, Cihn.”

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