003 ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Trigger Warning(s): Absolutely none

“You know she’s fucking lying, right?”


“My sister.” Ace scowls the ceiling and spits out the words like the poison he believes them to be. “She’s a fucking liar.”

“I know.”

“I could live without you. I could. I could gut you right here and now.”

“I know, Ace.”

“I’d leave you to bleed and I’d relish it. In fact, I’d be relieved.”

“I know.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Ace; it was because Ace was trying to convince him of just the murder. That was fine but they both knew the truth. The only way Matt was ever leaving this world was with Ace’s knife to his throat. He didn’t care if it was five months from now or when they were fifty.

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