Reluctant Accommodation ☆ Hyacinth

The knock on the door was bordering musical and was familiar to the ears of the man who sat upon the couch. Satoshi sighed through his nose, a look of annoyance crossing his face as he looked up past his book to the wall across the room. “Don’t let him in.” He spoke up, glancing over his shoulder.

A soft chuckle came from the kitchen, followed by a hum. “Be nice, Satoshi. It will be good for you.” Eos lowered the temperature of the stove, setting his wooden spoon aside before making his way over to the front door. A smile is on his lips before he even opens the door and doesn’t fade upon seeing who stands there.

“Evenin’, Eos!” Mikayl grinned widely, reaching a hand forward and immediately ruffling at his hair. “How the hell ya doin?”

Chuckling, Eos reaches up and shoos his hand away, brushing carefully at his bangs. “You’re just in time for supper.” He replies as he steps into the house, Mikayl quick on his heels. Closing the door behind him, Mikayl grins as he starts to take off his shoes.

“Damn, smells good too. That sad sack here?” He questions, nudging his shoes aside with his toes before looking back over at Eos.

Eos simply gestures into the house with a coy smile. “Proceed with caution.”

Giving a nod, Mikayl steps into the home with ease and calls out, “Yo! Where you at, Satoshi?”

“Go home, Mikayl.” A stern voice came from the living room and Mikayl’s smile only grew in response as he made his way through the halls to his destination. Turning into the room, he was met with a scowling Satoshi, leisurely resting in his favourite armchair. The book he had been reading was still present but closed, a finger playing the role of a bookmark as it sat tucked between the pages.

“Well, that sucks for you then cause I don’t plan on heading home any time soon.” Mikayl gestures up enthusiastically. “Come on, get your ass up. Get dressed.”

“Please don’t make me socialize.” Satoshi replied, his tone sounding fatigued.

Mikayl smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. “I mean, I’m fine with dragging your ass out to the bar in what you’re wearing but I know you’re just gonna whine about it the whole time.”

“I don’t whine.” Satoshi snapped, a stiffness growing in his jaw. He opens his book then, returning his attention to the page. “And I’m not going anywhere.”

Mikayl looked over his shoulder and gave Eos a look of amusement. The blond simply shrugged a shoulder in response and nodded back toward the door – a silent gesture of approval. Grinning widely, Mikayl uncrossed his arms and moved over to the chair, reaching right over the back and very quickly plucking the book from Satoshi’s hands.

“Excuse me!” Satoshi protested, turning around in his seat to try and grab the book but Mikayl was already standing once more and placing the bookmark that has been on the end table into the assigned page. He snapped the book shut with one hand and pointed it toward Satoshi with a smirk. Satoshi’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re getting out of the house tonight, Satoshi. We’re going to go sit at a bar, I’m going to buy you the strongest, cheapest thing they have and you’re gonna gripe about losing this case with some actual human beings. Then, when you’re good and drunk – and only when you’re good and drunk – I will bring your ass back home and Eos can lick your wounds.” Mikayl pointed the book at Eos. “Right?”

Eos flushed softly, the blush inevitably present on his soft features. “Ahh, well, I wouldn’t… put it quite like that…”

“Really? I would.” Mikayl blinked, looking confused. “If I was a lawyer and lost a case, I’d want nothing more than to have Gabriel-”

“Stop!” Satoshi snapped, alarm in his voice and he finally stands. “Just… don’t finish that sentence. We don’t need periodic updates about your sex life; those are private, home matters.”

Mikayl glances around for an awkward moment. “….We’re in a home.”

Satoshi opens his mouth, very clearly on the edge of losing his temper but one look at Mikayl’s smug, growing smirk has him swallowing those words. He stands upright, adjusts his shirt a moment and clears his throat to regain his composure. “… One drink.” He finally speaks, looking up at him.

“5.” Mikayl counters, setting the book down on the end table. “I know your alcohol tolerance.”

“… 2, then. Wine.”

“Nope. 5 and you’re drinking whisky.”

“Fine. 2 glasses.”

“Mm, nope. How about 5? I’ll even let that fifth be a tampering off drink.” Mikayl’s smirk remained. “You might be a lawyer but you’re not going to out-stubborn me.”

“Then I’ll stay home.” Satoshi replied.

“Then I’ll just carry you to the car. I have no problems picking your scrawny ass up fireman style.” Mikayl shrugs his shoulders, letting his hands slide into his pockets.

Satoshi wrinkled his nose in protest. “You truly have no respect for the wishes of others.”

“Not when those wishes are stupid.” Mikayl replied without hesitation, humming to himself. “If you sit here, you’re just going to stew over what you could have done better and just piss yourself off all over again. At least if you come out with me, you’ll be in good company with good booze and you can kick my ass at darts to make yourself feel better.”

Satoshi stood there stubbornly as the silence followed, neither wanting to give even the slightest inch of ground. It grew to an almost uncomfortable silence before Eos finally stepped forward and placed his hand on Satoshi’s bicep. Leaning up slightly, he moved to place a gentle kiss upon his jaw and smile in kind. “Don’t be so stubborn, Satoshi. Going out will be good for you to let off steam.” Moving his hand down, he carefully laced their fingers together as Satoshi finally turned to meet his gaze. Once he has his attention, Eos’s smile grows. “And when you’re done, you can come back home and I’ll have a cup of tea ready for you.”

Satoshi’s expression passes through several emotions, debating the situation before he finally sighs quietly through his nose. He gives Eos’s hand a squeeze in return as the other reaches up to pinch the bridge of his own nose.

“Right.” Mikayl spoke. “A cup of tea.” He added, voice laced with innuendo.

Satoshi’s hand pulls away from his face, looking exasperated. “Must you ruin everything?”

“It’s a gift.” Mikayl replies. “Come on, chop chop. I’m giving you five minutes to change and then I’m dragging you out of here in whatever state I find you.”

“I will file a restraining order.” Satoshi replied, letting go of Eos’s hand before he starts to head in the direction of the bedroom.

Mikayl doesn’t say anything else, simply watching him shut the bedroom door behind him in annoyance before looking back over to Eos. “See?” Mikayl whispered. “Told you I could get him out of the house.”

Eos places a finger over his lips and offers him a wink. “Just don’t tell him it was my idea until he’s a couple drinks in, okay?”

Mikayl smirks and gives him a thumbs up. “You got it. I’ll bring him back when he’s good and hammered.”

“Thank you.” Eos smiles.

“Of course, what you do with him afterward is entirely up to you. I’ll make sure he doesn’t come back too drunk, if you know what I mean.”

Eos’s face lights up, cheeks a burning red that quickly floods the rest of his face. “Mikayl!!” He replies, reaching a hand up to cover his face in embarrassment.

Mikayl only laughs, moving around the chair to ruffle at his hair again. “Sorry, sorry. Couldn’t resist.” Looking back down the hall, he lets his hand fall back to his side. “Alright, come on, Satoshi!” He shouts. “Let’s go get you good and drunk!”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!

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