Drabbles for Inspiration ☆ 008

Series/Pairing: Yowamushi Pedal – Onoda Sakimichi/Naruko Shoukichi/Imaizumi Shunsuke
Prompt: mistletoe
Date Written: 06/03/2014

“Imaizumi-kun, bend down!”

Onoda smiled cutely, tugging at the front of his collar. Naruko reached up and helped tug the boy down by placing a hand around the back of his neck. Pulling the taller boy down, they each placed a sweet kiss upon his cheeks and the taller boy flushed a bright red.

It wasn’t until they allowed him to stand again that he noticed they’d managed to get him again under that god forsaken fake mistletoe.

Drabbles for Inspiration ☆ 007

Series/Pairing: Daiya no Ace – Sawamura Eijun/Chris Yuu Takigawa
Prompt: genderbend, glasses
Date Written: 06/03/2014

Pressing the pair of reading glasses up her nose, Eijun grinned widely up at her girlfriend with what she assumed was a very suave and sophisticated look.

“How do I look, Chris-senpai?”

Giggling softly behind her hand, Chris reached that hand out and cupped at Eijun’s jaw. Bending down, she placed a soft kiss to the tip of her nose and watched as Eijun’s face light up in embarrassment.

“Like you’re not quite old enough to suit those; try again in a couple years.”

Drabbles for Inspiration ☆ 006

Series/Pairing: Kuroko no Basket Kasamatsu Yukio/Kise Ryouta
Prompt: camera
Date Written: 06/03/2014

“Kise, get that out of my face.” Kasamatsu spoke, pushing the camera from his face and trying to return to the dishes he was washing.

Kise stood on the other end of the counter, camera still poised and grinning widely as he adjusted the lens. “But I want to remember this: the first night that Senpai agreed to spend the night~”

“So why the hell am I the only one doing the dishes?!”