Nailpolish ☆ Soulmate Verse

“What… are you doing?”

Cihn had stepped out of the bedroom to find Lucas, who has not been there ten minutes ago, seated beside the couch where a slumbering ZJ was currently residing. When Cihn had spoken, Lucas looked back, holding up… something Cihn couldn’t immediately identify.

Then Lucas grinned and Cihn’s stomach dropped out. He scowled.

“What? I was just prettying him up for you!”

Cihn took long strides over to him and peered over his shoulder… to where Lucas was currently painting over ZJ’s entire bare arm with little pairs of boobs in bright, lime green nail polish.

There was a very long, awkward pause before…


“Get out?”

“Preferably before I make you drink that nail polish.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going. Geez, Cihn, not sense of ha ha.”

“How do you even keep GETTING in my house?! Do we have some sort of Lucas door I’m not aware of?”

“Okay, okay, I just have one request before you throw me out.”

Cihn grits his teeth. “What?”

“Make sure ZJ doesn’t move his arm, otherwise the polish won’t dry and—”

“Go home, Lucas!!”

And when Lucas flees, he calls after him down the hall. “And for god sakes, stay there!”