Apple ☆ Tales of the Abyss

Character/Pairing: Guy Cecil, Luke fon Fabre
Prompt: apple
Date Written: 10/07/2007

“Yuck!” A little voice gurgled, poking his tongue out showing bits of chewed up yellow fruit.

His blond companion looked a bit revolted. “Your supposed to eat it, Luke. Not show it to me.”

The redhead scowled him and put down the half chewed apple slice. “It’s disgusting!”

Blue eyes clashed with green and a thirteen year old Guy picked up the same slice the redhead had tried to put back. “It’s an apple.”

“That doesn’t taste like an apple!”

“Hey, I hand picked this, thank you very much.” Guy tried to convince him by guilt tripping him into it.

Like that would work.

Luke shook his head, face scrunched up in disgust. “Then you eat it.”

Guy rolled his eyes and tried to push the fruit onto the boy. He wouldn’t have it. Instead, he put up his hands and shook his head, lips closed firmly. The blond wasn’t one to get frustrated but the Lady had said Luke needed to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

“Why do you have to be such a picky eater? What’s wrong with it? Look, it tastes fine!” Guy demonstrated by popping the already chewed piece into his mouth, downing it without any difficulty. It tasted perfectly fine just like any other apple.

It was Luke’s turn to look disgusted. “That was in my mouth.”

“Like your going to give me some horrible disease. It’s just a bit of saliva.” Guy brushed it aside.

“Ewww … Guy, your disgusting. I’m not touching that now.” Luke proclaimed and weaseled off his chair trying to scurry away. Though at nine years old, Luke’s short legs couldn’t match those of the growing blond. He caught him easily around the center with the redhead struggling.

“You can’t make me eat that!”

“Wanna tempt me? I can make you eat anything and you will eat this apple even if I have to hand feed it to you.” Guy grumbled, hauling the flailing boy back into the chair.

Luke kept trying to get away so Guy was forced to hold onto his wrist and pin that to the table. “Eat it. It’s good for you.”

Another head shaken. Guy gave a sigh. “Your going to make the Lady worry if you don’t.”

The redhead only seemed to consider this for a mere moment before looking revolted again. “It tastes funny.”

“It’s sweet. I thought you liked sweet.”

Luke didn’t say anything. With that act, Guy was basically forced to try up another way to get Luke to eat the stupid fruit.

“… Honey. You like honey right?”

Luke nodded, looking suspicious. Guy grinned. “Well what if we dipped the apple slices in honey. Would that be alright?”

“I don’t want to eat the apple. I already told you that!”

Guy waved at him, not believing him for a moment. “At least try it.” He commented, looking through the cupboard for that jar of honey. The cooks would be pretty mad at him if they found him crawling all over the counters. It wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t quite big enough yet to reach the top shelf.

He glanced back to see Luke sitting patiently. He’d expected the boy to take off in his moment of freedom. Either he knew he couldn’t outrun Guy or he figured it best to actually try it out. He doubted it could have been any other reason.

Guy hopped down from the counter with ease, cradling the jar softly in his hands as to not break it or spill any. He plopped it onto the table and grabbed one of the apple slices. Looking into the jar with a skillful eye, Guy put his hand in past the rim, catching some of the sticky sweetness onto the fruit and pulled it out carefully, his hand never graced to inside of the jar.

He put the jar back into a standing position and cupped his hand under the apple slice. It was dripping with the golden sugar as he offered it to Luke. The boy looked at it oddly before shifted himself to move forward a bit. Guy grinned, glad that Luke was going to actually try it out and pushed it forward a bit more, hand still under it so Luke didn’t get any honey on himself. The redhead sniffed it like it might have been fake and then took a nibble off the end, popping back into his chair stiffly.

“Yuck.” He spoke immediately after swallowing it.

Guy looked at him with complete disbelief. “Wha-? Your lying.”

“Am not.” Luke countered, folding his arms and looking away stubbornly.

Guy didn’t really notice at the moment that he had a small puddle of honey in the palm of his hand. “I think you actually liked it.”

“Didn’t!” Green eyes were glaring at the chair beside him, not Guy.

Guy was smiling though. Leave it to Luke to never admit anything. “Well fine, then I’ll have it.” His tone held a testing manner as he munched on the remainder of the fruit slice.

Luke flinched slightly but still held up his rebellious posture. Of course Guy noticed it and just tried to make it worse. “It’s a pity you don’t like it Luke. I mean, the honey adds just the right touch to it. It’s really sweet and it makes the apple taste even better. You sure you don’t want any?”

“I-I’m sure! I don’t like apples.”

Guy shrugged. “I’ll go give some to Pere then. I bet he’ll really like them.” He turned and stepped out of the kitchen, bringing a couple slices along with him.

Luke turned to watch him go and only when he disappeared for a few good seconds did Luke even bother to look back at the fruit. He glanced back again and around the kitchen, expecting someone to pop up. He reached to the plate and grabbed a slice, snapping his head back to glare at the door. Where he thought would be an amused Guy he saw nothing but an empty doorframe. He grabbed the jar and tipped it, still glancing around and dipped the apple into the honey. Making sure he didn’t drip it anywhere, he popped the fruit slice into his mouth and chewed on it with a soft look of contentment.

Such a little liar.‘ Guy thought, peeking from the crack between the door and doorframe, tall enough to look over the second door hinge. Nibbling on his own piece of fruit, Guy figured it better to just leave Luke to his own.

Guy wasn’t too sure if he’d ever actually ran that fast before. He was apart of the search party for his missing master. Absolutely everyone in the manor was out and looking for Luke and so far everyone had come up empty handed. Guy was checking high and low for the young master in their current position: Choral Castle.

“Luke… LUKE!” He called, running into bedrooms and hidden chambers. He was going to be the first to find him. Not to gain credit or anything, he was really worried. If he was the first to find him, that would sooth any fears he had bouncing around in his stomach.

He knew it was stupid to think but why couldn’t finding him have been simple? Like he’d just be laying on the stairs or maybe on one of the beds or even-

“Luke?” Guy took an immediate halt, glancing toward a statue. He tilted his head, only seeing bits of red poking out from beside it and instantly got his hopes up. “Luke!”

When he came close enough, he slid against the stone floor and halted as his foot landed flatly against the base of the statue. “Luke!” Guy suddenly felt sick with overcome emotion.

His hands went to the shoulders of the figure and he rolled him over. When the features of his face mixed with that red hair, Guy felt like breaking down from relief. “Luke! Luke, wake up.” Who the hell would just dump him here like some kind of trash?

Apparently, the boy wasn’t ever asleep but to Guy, he didn’t look awake. His eyes were open but he the most blank expression on his face. Guy would have though him dead if he didn’t have a pulse and was breathing. “Luke?” He questioned, fingers grazing over his face. Why wasn’t he reacting?

He turned and shouted as loud as he could that he found him. He shouted and shouted until he heard the clanking of armor coming up the stairs and he lowered his voice but didn’t stop calling. It was only until the small group of soldiers were right beside him did he silence his yelling. He looked down at Luke as the soldiers tried as well to get a reaction from him.

Luke just blinked and stared forward. His forward happened to be Guy but he didn’t look at him with anything. Not with relief or annoyance or even joy. What was wrong with him? What the hell did Malkuth do to him to make him like this? “Luke?” He questioned again as the soldiers helped him to his feet.

Guy stood immediately when the soldiers momentarily let go of him and Luke’s legs didn’t support him. The blond caught him on his way up and tried to straighten him out. “Come on Luke, we have to get you back to the manor. Your mother is sick with worry.”

Nothing. Not even a flinch. When Guy tried to walk while being Luke’s support, the redhead couldn’t hold his own. His feet would just drag and Guy had to keep catching him to haul him back up. He wasn’t even able to stand, what the hell was the matter?

With the help of the reluctant soldiers, Guy got Luke onto his back and carried him all the way he needed to.

Managing to get him home, Guy had to wait quite sometime before he was able to see Luke again. It was understandable considering the Lady was devastated when he went missing. Lord fon Fabre had his own share of worry but now they were gushing over the fact that their empty son was back in their arms.

A few hours turned into a couple days and finally Guy was permitted to go see his friend and master. He was residing is the kitchen when he found him. He had a couple things before him that he keep looking at curiously before chewing on them. Anything he didn’t like, he put back. He did that to everything he tried out. All but one.

The apple slices.

Guy watched him without making his presence known as Luke picked up the fruit and nibbled on it. After a moment like he was deciding the taste, he chewed a bit more. He continued this process until he’d finished up the entire slice and reached for another.

Something dropped and broke inside Guy in that moment and he moved so he was standing beside the redhead. “Do you like those?” He questioned softly, his voice cracked in some places.

Luke glanced up at him with that blank face again and then back down at the plate. The apple in his hand rested in midair a moment before Luke brought it to his lips and continued to eat. Guy wondered if he just didn’t understand the question.

“Luke, you hate these kinds of apples. Since when…?” Guy trailed off, watching the redhead not even take note of him talking and continue on fulfilling his hunger.

Guy clenched his hands into fists and looked to the floor feeling like he’d just lost something he was never going to get back. In a moment of insecurity of that feeling, Guy reached over and hugged the boy quickly.

“What happened to you?”

Luke simply sat there, a new slice in his fingers and his lips moved and tongue clicked softly to utter the first words Guy would ever hear him say.

“I don’t remember.”

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Note ☆ Tales of the Abyss

Character/Pairing: Guy Cecil, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Guy/Natalia
Prompt: note
Date Written: 14/08/2007

Now that Guy was actually at this shop and looking around, his mind was completely blank with ideas.

What do you get a princess?

It wasn’t her birthday, it wasn’t a special holiday nor was the gift in thanks of anything. The blond felt like Natalia deserved something amazing.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t give her something common. A flower, maybe a candle or something else that woman seemed to fancy more then others. And it wasn’t like Guy didn’t think those things decent, they just seemed too common. Being a princess, she could have gotten any one of those things if she so requested it. Of course, Guy knew Natalia wasn’t so selfish or greedy but he knew the option was there if one day she decided to do something for herself.

When material goods became a task, he decided to switch to thoughts of romancing her off her feet. The immediate difficulty with such a task was his little condition. He ignored it though and tried to think of such ideas. He could take her to see sights and wonders that maybe she hadn’t encountered. Pledging allegiance to her didn’t sound like a bad plan but somehow, he thought that would sound quite stupid coming from a lowly servant. A graceful touch, a gentle kiss, holding hands with neatly laced fingers, making her smile … why did nothing seem good enough?

Running a gloved hand through his hair, Guy gave a small groan. No, no, no …

“Excuse me, good sir!” He finally spoke up, approaching the counter with a smile.

An elderly man with a good natured aura surrounding his smile approached his end of the counter. “What may I assist you with today?”

“Do you have a pen handy…?”

The next time Natalia would scamper into the room she shared with Anise and Tear at the local inn, she’d notice a small, folded note propped up on her pillow. The note wouldn’t be anything fancy. The paper the words were written on would look to be smeared with a bit of dirt and the ink would be smudged. Even from a far distance, Natalia would have been able to see that. The paper wasn’t even either. In fact, the edges indicated it had been torn out from a book or such and rather roughly handled.

Approaching the bedside with curiosity, Natalia would have picked up the note and scanned it over. She would read each phrase carefully in an attempt to not skip over anything.

So the princess found her prince

And the land in which she reigned would remain eternally peaceful

And thus, with a little love and a smile

She lived happily ever after.’

She would smile at the fact that the small, seemingly misplaced note held no signature from its sender. Turning the note over just in case, she would find nothing else special about it and would then proceed to read the small message one more time. This time, she would give a small, single laugh. Not one of humor but one of appreciation. An adoring smile filled with thanks and justification that whomever’s efforts hadn’t gone to waste. She would then slip the small piece of paper into the bottom of her quiver, below the arrows where only she would ever know such an item could be found.

She wouldn’t have needed the signature to fall in love with the message.

Of course, Guy would see none of this when his task was complete. Even as he finished up the final word on the note and folded in half as carefully as he could with such uneven paper, he doubted Natalia would find such a little thing glorifying.

But still …

Every princess deserved her own little happy ending, didn’t she?

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Short ☆ Tales of the Abyss

Character/Pairing: Guy Cecil, Emperor Peony, Jade Curtiss
Prompt: Written for an old Abyss Secret Santa back in LJ days
Date Written: 28/01/2008

Guy had always been terribly polite. He couldn’t help it, it was in his nature. It didn’t matter what could have possibly happened in the past, present or even future that could have sapped that away. So when he re-found his roots that he was nobility, he didn’t know what to feel. Guess he was so used to living under somebody else that being his own boss was a little tough. Not … that it was hard, he just needed to get used to it again.

However, it seemed like no time at all had passed when Emperor Peony himself asked if he could start looking after his rappigs for him. Having met the Emperor on a few occasions, Guy knew how much the rappigs meant to him and was purely honored to be asked to look after them. It was simple enough work. He walked them, made sure they were fed and had plenty of water. Grooming was usually left to Peony unless he had no time. The man loved his rappigs after all.

This routine lasted for quite a long time and Guy loved the cycle. Wake up, work with the rappigs, break for lunch, play with them a bit more and then go home. Plus, Peony was quite pleased with the work he did everyday so he always called Guy back.

So it came to no surprise when Guy showed up at the palace on another regular day. The guards greeted him with a nod or a slight bow (which he still felt odd about) and the rappigs were where they always were. Guy knelt down beside Nephry and scratched behind her ear with a smile. Glancing about the messy room, he assumed the Emperor was gone as normal and went about to ensure they had their fresh water and food.

He was filling up their dish with a bucket when the door slammed open and Guy nearly dropped it. He clutched the edges of it tightly and straightened. He blinked at the sight and gave the man in the doorway an odd look. “Your Majesty. I thought you’d be off on your duties today.”

Peony waved at him with a bit of a bored expression. “I’m off everyday on duties a five year old version of me could solve. I thought I’d pop in to see how you were.”

“I’m fine, Your Majesty.” Guy smiled and gave him a slight bow as he turned back to finish filling the dish.

When he was just about finished, the Emperor popped up beside him and placed a hand on his back. He wasn’t sure if that had any point to it at first until Peony started to leaned against it and Guy was forced to his knees under the pressure. He flinched slightly since he didn’t want to come off as rude by just plainly telling the Emperor to bugger off so he swallowed and looked up at him as he set the bucket aside. “Your Majesty, may I request that you-“

“No time for ramble today, Guy.” Peony interrupted, his hand now patting Guy on the head. Rather like a puppy more then a human being. Guy didn’t let it bother him. “Today, I have a new job for you. Not that my precious rappigs aren’t important but I have something else for you to do. They can manage on their own for a bit, I’m sure.”

Guy went to get to his feet but Peony still had his hand on his head and was still patting him. The trouble with Peony was that one could never tell if he was doing something intentionally or if he was doing it without thinking. Guy preferred to think better of the Emperor.

“What’s that, Your Majesty?” Guy questioned, his voice even and still pleasant.

Peony looked down and stopped his patting. He gave Guy an odd look that was quickly followed by a look of mockery. “What are you doing down there? I thought I just said we didn’t have time to waste? I thought you listened better then that.”

Guy said nothing in hopes of creating no ill will toward him. The nobleman rose to his feet and brushed at his knees before looking back to Peony. “Forgive me, Your Majesty. But … what am I doing?”

“You’re going to follow me around. All day. Won’t that be pleasant? Now, lets go before the guards notice I’m not where I’m supposed to be.” Peony grabbed at his shirt and gave it a tug to indicate he was leaving.

He really didn’t give Guy a chance to think. Follow him around? What use was that going to do?

“You’re going to have to walk faster then that to keep up, Guy. Lets go, hop to it.” Peony called and the nobleman had to speed walk, not noticing he’d fallen that far back at all. He hadn’t noticed Peony left yet either.

Soon, they were walking side by side but Guy was still confused. What use was he going to be to the Emperor? Sure this was an honor as well but-

“Alright, so our first order of business is to go see how Jade’s doing. He must be terribly lonely in that office all alone with the mountains of paperwork and unwanted guests.” Peony spoke suddenly.

“… Sir?” Guy questioned, not wanting to think ill but he couldn’t help ponder the thought that Peony probably fell into that category of unwanted guests.

“Jade, Guy. Jade. Aren’t you listening? I must let you spend too much time with my rappigs. You can’t even socialize well anymore.” Peony commented and Guy fell silent. He didn’t mean to come off as rude.

“My humblest apologies, Your Majesty, I was only thinking.” Guy bowed his head as Peony stopped abruptly.

Peony pointed. “Alright, you see that door right there? I’m going to go through there and out a window,” Guy looked panicked but Peony waved at him. “It’s ground level, don’t worry. Just if I go out the front door, somebody is going to sweep me back into the throne room and I really don’t want to be there right now. I’m tired of that room. Same statues, same picture window, same uncomfortable pillar of authority.”

Guy snickered but he tried to cover it up. Emperor Peony really wasn’t too keen about this castle.

“Are you listening again? Good. Now, you can just go right out the front door without question but I want you to round about the castle and meet me on the east side. Behind the bushes by the third window. Got it? Third window, very important.”

Guy scratched the back of his head, trying to process if he was doing something good or bad. He was helping the Emperor skip out on his duties. He sighed and made sure to give Peony a small look that showed he disapproved and then nodded. “Third window. Understood.”

“Perfect. Now scoot.” Peony waved him off and they parted ways.

Sure enough, Guy got out of the castle with no problem but he had to give an excuse that he forgot to bring something along to one of the guards who questioned why he was leaving so soon. He felt bad for lying, especially over something so stupid. Ahh, had he said stupid? No, no, he couldn’t think ill. This was the Emperor. He knew what he was doing.

Third window, third window, third windo- ah ha. Bushes didn’t move on their own on such a calm, sunny day. Making certain nobody saw him (this side of the castle was always empty) and he too slipped behind the bush.

“Brilliant.” Peony whispered. “You’re quicker then I thought. Now for the second half.”

There was a second half? Guy blinked only and remained quiet. Oh dear …

“Swap clothes with me.” And when those words left his lips, Guy didn’t find any need to hold back the idiotic look.

“What? I- What? No. I mean … Your Majesty … why?”

Peony rolled his eyes like this was the simplest thing ever. “Because I could get caught. I don’t exactly blend in.”

“Neither would you in my clothes … sir.” He added, still looking completely revolted. Like he’d give up his clothing for such a stupid task. He could visit Jade any old time.

Peony paused for a moment and looked at him with a straight face. “Are you disobeying me?” He questioned quietly but it had a certain tone to it that Guy couldn’t pick out. Maybe it was just regular authority … ?

Guy hesitated. Well .. He was – technically- but he didn’t want to give up his clothes. Think fast, think fast …

“Of course not, Your Majesty. I just don’t believe you’d fit in my clothing.”

“What are you talking about? We’re practically the same size, now hurry up. Let’s go.”


“Come on, Guy. If it’s privacy you’re worried about, you can take that bush over there. The longer you stall, the less likely this plan is to work and you’ll have changed for nothing.”

Guy turned his head like he was going to obey but his feet wouldn’t move. This was just plain humiliating. “Sir, I really think that you should just be doing your normal duties. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this situation.”

“Your attempts to weasel out of this are very weak. Now strip.” Peony demanded, but he didn’t appear to be losing patience. “Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you here naked. You’ll be wearing my clothes. See the trick?”

So I can get busted instead of you, oh yes I see the trick. I’ll be bashed on by the guards like crazy and they’ll never let me live it down- Guy halted his thought and nearly grew pale. Ahh, no he was going off again. The Emperor knew what he was doing …

It took a while but eventually both of the men emerged from there separate bushes, wearing opposite clothes. Guy couldn’t stop playing with the pants (terrified they were going to slip off) and Peony was having far too much fun admiring himself.

“How do I look?” He asked finally, turning and placing his hands on his hips, much like a Guy pose.

The noblemen tried not to flinch at the sight. “… Different.” He chose the word carefully. He really didn’t think this was going to work, did he? He had way too long of hair and it was a different shade of blond then Guy’s and sure they were almost the same size but any idiot up close would notice the change! He felt guilty but he didn’t take back the thought. The Emperor knew what he was doing, but he was an idio- no, no not an idiot. Just … lack of logic. Scatter brained.

“Good enough. Now don’t go giving away that you aren’t me.” Peony proceeded to list off numerous tips that could help Guy act just like Peony from point A to point B. The building was how many steps away and it was that important to do so many things at once- he cut himself off. Thinking was just getting him upset and he couldn’t afford to lose patience with this little routine. The faster this happened, the quicker he could get his clothes back and the sooner he could just go home.

Guy closed his eyes when Peony finally shut up and turned to start walking away. He rubbed his eyes and gave a sigh. He had to show respect. He had to remain cool headed.

They had barely walked any distance at all and they were already at the Military base. This was terrible. Since Guy was playingEmperor, he had to walk in front like he was the royalty. When he walked straight into the building, he nearly caved on the inside from the terrible humiliation. The guards here probably thought him an idiot and they were probably laughing at him right now.

Peony greeted a few people happily, who looked from him to Guy with looks of either surprise or pure amusement. Guy really wasn’t ever going to live this down. And once they got to Jade’s office- oh no. Jade. He’d probably be the worst of all. Those judgmental eyes, that mocking smirk and that damn memory. He’d be the worst of all for never letting Guy live this down. Ever. Forever ever.

“Your Majesty-“

“Almost there, keep up the pace. Don’t slow down, what are you doing?” Peony questioned when Guy had started to walk slower and slower like he was walking into his own death bed.

“I’m coming … your Majesty. I’m coming.” He mumbled and gave a sigh that he was sure Peony heard but wouldn’t care about.

Peony was way ahead of him and it was a few minutes before Guy found himself in front of Jade’s office door. He looked at it accusingly, like if he glared at it long enough, it would feel guilty. He was wondering if he could just leave when the door swung open and Guy nearly got nailed in the nose.

“Gods, you’re slow. I thought you were known for being quicker. In, in.” Peony rushed him, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him in. The door closed and Guy felt like that was his last chance to get away. Gone, just like any hope he had for this being a decent adventure.

“You really did drag him all the way here.” Jade’s voice practically stabbed him in the heart and Guy wanted to melt into the floor.

Peony hummed and suddenly his face appeared before Guy’s. Very close. Too close. Way too close.

“What?” The tone that smothered that single word sounded terribly annoyed but Guy didn’t seem to notice it had come out as such.

“You don’t look well. Are you feeling sick?” Peony questioned.

Sick? “Ahh, yes. Very sick. Very, very … very sick. Contagious even. My illness is probably very contagious.” Guy mumbled quietly.

Peony made a disgusted face. “And you’ll get it all over my clothes too …”

Jade gave a sigh and shook his head. “maybe you should just go home.” He suggested and it almost sounded like a bit of pity was laced in his voice. If anybody could know how out of hand Peony could get, it was Jade.

Guy tried not to look or sound excited. “Yes, maybe I should.”

“You can return those to me after. Make sure you wash them first.” Peony instructed and waved him away once again. Guy bowed deeply and left without another word. Rather quickly, in fact.

Jade shook his head again and sat down in his chair once more. “I thought you were joking.”

“I never joke.” Peony protested, clearly amused since he was grinning from ear to ear. “And I must say, this time I have outdone myself.”

“Indeed.” Jade replied shortly and tried his best to ignore Peony. Like that would work.

The Emperor leaned down, resting his crossed arms on Jade’s desk. He glanced at the door and looked back. “He caved a lot faster then I thought he would. It’s a real pity.”

“No surprise there.”

Peony grinned. “Are you finally admitting how much better I am at this game then you?”

Jade didn’t even look up. “Nobody can stand to be around you for that long.”

“Exactly!” Peony agreed rather quickly and then slowly reality slipped back into his mind. “… Wait.”

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