Warm Me Up ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koshi
Pairing(s): DaiSuga
Prompt: “Baby, it’s cold outside. Slide over and keep me warm.”
AU details: Cawfee
Summary: Love is in the day to day things

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Amused ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Kuroo Tetsuro, Sugawara Koshi (briefly Sawamura Daichi)
Pairing(s): implied DaiSuga
Prompt: amused
AU details: Cawfee
Summary: High school friends have no boundaries

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Nishinoya Yuu ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Sugawara Koshi, Azumane Asahi, Nishinoya Yuu (briefly Sawamura Daichi)
Pairing(s): brief mentions/implied AsaNoya and DaiSuga
Prompt: none but written for Nishinoya’s birthday~
AU details: Cawfee
Summary: Nishinoya Yuu was not even remotely how he expected

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