Reluctant Accommodation ☆ Hyacinth

The knock on the door was bordering musical and was familiar to the ears of the man who sat upon the couch. Satoshi sighed through his nose, a look of annoyance crossing his face as he looked up past his book to the wall across the room. “Don’t let him in.” He spoke up, glancing over his shoulder.

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Mistakes ☆ Voltron

Character/Pairing: Lance, Shiro, Shance
Prompt: Mistakes; Person A finds Person B sleeping under the table of the cafe they work at

Summary: What we like to call ordinary, opportunity likes to call a chance.
Date Written: 09/09/2017

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Amused ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Kuroo Tetsuro, Sugawara Koshi (briefly Sawamura Daichi)
Pairing(s): implied DaiSuga
Prompt: amused
AU details: Cawfee
Summary: High school friends have no boundaries

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