Nishinoya Yuu ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Sugawara Koshi, Azumane Asahi, Nishinoya Yuu (briefly Sawamura Daichi)
Pairing(s): brief mentions/implied AsaNoya and DaiSuga
Prompt: none but written for Nishinoya’s birthday~
AU details: Cawfee
Summary: Nishinoya Yuu was not even remotely how he expected

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Moral of the Story ☆ Hyacinth

Working as a chef for an organic food catering company hadn’t exactly been what Flynn pictured his 20s would be like but he honestly had no complaints. It was a good, steady job and he had always enjoyed cooking. He hadn’t expected what had originally just been a means of feeding himself to turn into a job but he liked the environment. The kitchen he worked in was nice, he got to try out new recipes and be creative about his cooking and he had always liked the image of people enjoying his work.

Plus, he had great coworkers here and that alone was a good enough reason to stay. It was pretty rare when you got along with the majority of your peers.

Currently, he is working on the last of a big order. The function today was for a wedding and the bride had been very particular about how she wanted the food prepared. The restriction was something that Flynn could have lived without but he’d always been weak to stuff like this. The idea of cooking for a wedding was romantic and the thrill of that was enough.

As he works, he is busy chatting away with one of the servers who worked on the weekends. She was younger than him but she had a level of honesty that Flynn couldn’t help but come to for advice from time to time.

“So? What do you think?”

“You’re an idiot.”

Jaw dropping, Flynn puts down his wooden spoon and waves a hand. “What? Are you kidding me? You clearly weren’t listening right.”

“I was,” Mina replies, stacking a full container of prepared food onto another and rolling her eyes. “And you’re still an idiot. You should have ran the moment she joked about meeting her parents,” She pauses for dramatic effect. “Who live all the way in Mexico.”

“She was joking about buying that plane ticket! It shows she’s spontaneous! You can’t base someone off a first date alone.” Flynn frowns, defensive. “She could have tons of good qualities.”

Mina stares at him for a long moment, long enough for Flynn to feel the awkward silence of his reply. However, when he opens his mouth to try and rephrase his words, Mina quickly cuts in. “Look, Flynn, I don’t buy into your whole weird grand romance thing. I don’t think love is something that just happens and – boom – perfection. Everybody has something that initially attracts them to another. That whole love at first sight nonsense is essentially accurate.”

“But you just said-”

“In the sense that the moment you look at someone, you see something that you like. It could be something physical, like their hair or legs, or maybe it’s an activity, like you see them reading your favourite magazine or buying a cup of coffee.”

“Really? Coffee does it for you?” Flynn smirks, picking up his spoon again and carefully stiring the vegetables he’s currently cooking. Adding a couple spices, he continues to work as he listens.

“Shut up.” Mina scowls. “The point is that what you see might be what you fall in love with but it’s not what keeps you together. This girl is clearly a bad fit for you. Don’t call her and try again.”

“How do you know she’s a bad fit for me? That girl could be my future wife!”

“Because you just used the term future wife for a girl who burst into tears when you told her you were 22.”

“She said 22 was a bad year for her! Her family cat died.”

“… Do you listen to yourself? No, you cannot be with somebody who is that emotional. I’m sure she would be a good fit for somebody else but you need somebody stable.” Mina points at him. “Repeat after me – stable.”

“… But she was really cute.” Flynn protests.

“Do not call her.” She replies, making sure to enunciate each word.

Flynn sighs loudly, letting his head fall back before he moves to turn off the stove and set his frying pan onto the opposing burner. “I’m never gonna find a girlfriend at this rate. Every girl that’s perfect is either in a relationship or gay.”

“Preaching to the choir.” Mina shrugs a shoulder. “Well, except swap gay for straight. It sucks but you can’t give up. You’ll find her.”

“Maybe.” Flynn grumbles, scooping the vegetables into the large awaiting container. “Alright, this one’s done. You can take it.”

“Perfect.” Mina smiled, sealing the lid over it firmly and scooping it into her arms. She adds it to her stack then and lifts them all up at once.

Flynn watches her a moment before he reaches back to start untying his apron. “Here, let me help-”

“Flynn Yi, if you take off that apron, I will be forced to do something drastic. I’m not dainty. Get back to work.” Mina snaps, scowling him like she is daring him to try it.

Flynn’s hands falter and he chuckles. “Sorry, habit.”

“You should break that habit or I’m gonna start punching you in the gut every time I see you mistaking pity for chivalry.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll work on it. But, seriously, do they have enough helpers over there? I’m just heading home after this anyway.”

“We’ve enough people and Judy is loaning us her van if we need to grab anything for emergencies. You know, in case the bride decides to have a melt down about the cutlery or something.” She nods toward the door.

Flynn chuckles again. “Can’t have that happen again.”

“Exactly. Now I have to head over there but, to recap, what are we not going to do?” Mina questions.

“Call her.” Flynn sighs. “I won’t call her.”

“I’m serious. Don’t do it. You make terrible relationship decisions.”

Ouch.” Flynn clutches his chest with a smile. “Well, thanks for hearing me out.”

“Always happy to slap some sense into you.” She grins. “You still coming out for drinks tomorrow night?”

“You bet. Probably drag my brother along; kid never goes out alone.”

“Isn’t he older than you?”

“By a few months. Shut up.” Flynn rolls his eyes.

Mina grins, amused. “Alright, see you then.”

“Later.” He simply raises his hand, flicking his fingers slightly before she finally leaves the kitchen.

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Temptation ☆ Software

Character/Pairing: Firefox, Micorsoft, Microsoft/Firefox
Date Written: 29/06/2011

“W-well yeah but–“

“But what?” Glancing over his shoulder, orange locks falling a bit too long over his square-rimmed glasses, a glimmer of mischief flickered through his blue
eyes. Halting his feet, he spun on his heels and bent at the waist. Poking a finger into the chest of the boy trailing after him, a slight smirk appeared on
his face. “You worry too much.”

A slight pout appeared on his face and Firefox could almost swear he’d never looked so stubborn before. Azure eyes almost scowled him in protest. His arms
adjusted to reposition the pile of heavy university books in his arms, his head flicking back to attempt to get the strands of blond hair stuck behind his
own square-framed glasses out.

No luck.

“I don’t worry! I know from experience. He’s a dick.”

“Ouch. Foul language coming from you, Chrome?” There was mock shame in his voice.

Another scowl. “I can show you real foul language if you want me to.”

Reaching up, Firefox flicked his forehead and Chrome flinched in responds, eyes squinting closed and shoulders tense. “I’m going and that’s that. Besides,
you have our papers to write for tomorrow.”

Reaching forward one more time, Firefox plucked the hair from his rainbow coloured glasses and tucked it behind his ear. The gesture had Chrome’s face light
up, eyes immediately going downcast. “Tell you what.” Firefox started, tilting his head down until he could almost catch Chrome’s gaze. “If when I get back
and you have everything done, I’ll give you a treat.”

Now that caught his attention. Though his face grew a bit darker. “….Really?”


“…Are you actually going to keep your word this time?”

Standing up straight, Firefox put up his hands with a laugh. “I’ll admit in the past I have had more pressing matters but this time I will keep my word.
Paper done to a satisfactory grade and a treat will definitely be coming your way.”

Shifting the pile of books again, Chrome finally sighed. “F-Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

A wide grin in place, Firefox gave him a quick wave before he started to jog off. Watching him disappear, Chrome took in a sharp breath and added with a

It never ceased to amaze Firefox just how big this place was. Of course, he knew first hand that there wasn’t just one person living here but in all truth,
it was only the one person he honestly gave a damn about.

Powerpoint and Word always asked him far too many questions and they single handedly had to be the two most annoying relatives he had ever had the
displeasure of conversing with. It wasn’t that he disliked them because they had nothing in common. Not at all. It was quite the opposite. They had very
common interests. Namely the head of the household. Which is exactly why they would butt heads so easily. He was the outsider and they were the nosy sisters
who did everything in their power to make sure every visit was one disturbance after another. Then there was that other kid. Firefox hardly saw him though.
He mainly hid out in his room, apparently quite the little nerd. Think his name was Excel or something. Pretty sure it started with an E. At the end of the
day, however, he never seemed to have a problem with Firefox’s presence so as far as he was concerned, the kid was okay in his bookmarks.

As he wandered up the wide driveway, eyes glanced into the garage to notice a vehicle he didn’t recognize but with a very familiar license plate. It wasn’t
out of the ordinary. Every couple of years, the man who drove around with that license plate would dispose of all connection to his old vehicle and go out to
get a brand new one, glimmering with all the latest features and customizations he could manage. Plus, being a working man, Firefox knew that he practically
lived in his damn vehicle so it wasn’t so surprising that he would demand the best of the best. Somehow, he always managed to wreck his old cars.
Firefox would never admit it aloud to him but he was fairly certain that the man simply went out and bought new vehicles because his old ones would become
too expensive to continuously be fixing up.

Running a finger over his lips, blue eyes flickered back to attention as he hopped up the stairs and knocked furiously on the front door. Despite his
annoying rapid and loud knocking, it was at least a couple minutes before the door handle jiggled and was pulled open.

Firefox’s lips curled into a smirk. Hands slipping into the pockets of his hoodie, he let his eyes wander shamelessly over the form of the man standing
before him.

And he wasn’t even looking at him. “You’re late.”

As he stepped away from the door, Firefox let himself in. “Ohh, come on, like you’ve never been late before.”

“I’m never late.” His deep voice protested, fingers currently working to adjust his tie properly. Cut and modeled to perfection, the man sported one of his
usual suits, tailored to fit him and him alone. Long limbed and fucking gorgeous (hey, he was young, his hormones were constantly doing his thinking for him),
Microsoft was all man as far as Firefox was concerned. Dark blue hair was just on the edge between short and shaggy, his bangs teasing his usually hard,
dark grey gaze.


The boy snapped out of it. Clearly by the way Microsoft was glaring at him, he’d been caught staring with his mouth open. Again. He just smirked in response.
Microsoft turned his head to ignore him.

Snagging his keys off the side table, he grabbed his suit jacket from the closet and slid it on, keys dangling from his fingers.

“Where are the twins?” His voice sounded laced with uncertainty, well informed at this point of their horrible ability to pop up at the slight mention of them.
Then it was impossible to be rid of them. But the house was oddly quiet…

“School. Like you should be.”

“I was out of high school years ago.”

Only when the last button was done up did Microsoft finally look over at him and for a moment, Firefox froze. Completely. “Did they stop having classes in

Suddenly life seemed to come back into his bones, smirk widening. Waving a finger at him, Firefox laughed. “You’re funny.”

Microsoft didn’t even smile.

And god Firefox just wanted to jump him right there. Maybe break off a button from that perfectly tailored suit. Put a wrinkle or two into his shirt. Tear a
seam. Break a zipper. Rip–



“Hmm? Ohh, was I staring again?” A glimmer behind his glasses. “I was just busy picturing how much I want to see that suit a bit covered in dirt~”

Pulling at his sleeve absently, Microsoft adjusted his tie one last time before motioning for the university student to quit his daydreaming and get out of
his house.

Which he did.

With a swagger in his hips.

“Like I would ever allow you to dirty my suit…”

“I know, I know. But a man can imagine–“

“…because I’m not going to be the one with their knees pressed to the floor tonight.”

It was another hour before either of them even thought about their dinner date.

They missed their reservation.

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