Loving Dancer ☆ Hyacinth

If one word could be used to describe Eos’ childhood home, it was colourful.

The life of the house filled your lungs from the first step onto the front lawn. Where the neighbours had simple, matching green lawns, there was no grass upon his. Instead, every inch from the sidewalk to the front door was an abundance of flowers, herbs and trees. A large willow tree sheltered the flowers from above, the slightest breeze setting the vines fluttering. Lush flowers, varying in colours, sizes and types grew together in thick beds. Their sweet smell swirled and floated around, enticing all forms of life from bees to birds. Stone slabs invited guests to the front door where a cheery doormat wished them a good day.

Inside was no disappointment to the natural flavour of first impressions. There were plants in great abundance anywhere you looked, giving the building a true feeling of comfort and life. No blinds or curtains were ever drawn over the windows and instead the home was flooded with brilliant light every day. The furniture was simple, nothing extravagant or gaudy. Most everything was made of wood and the cushions were a plain, bright colour varying from basic whites to rich reds.

The air was ambrosial. A lush, natural atmosphere of plant life.

It was the scent that had long since etched itself into Eos’ clothes and things. It had become apart of his every day life.

There was a short knock on his bedroom door and a melodic voice carried through the wood. “Wake up, butterfly. Breakfast will be ready shortly.”

Humming from under the burrows of his blankets, a head popped out with a slurred, “Okay, mum.”

There were light footsteps that faded from his door as Eos pulled back his covers. He’d sat up with a sleepy stare and rubbed at his bright teal eyes as they struggled to focus in the early morning light. His blond hair, a soft pale shade, had stuck up in several directions in the usual morning chaos. His gaze had been blank as he looked forward, slowly turning his head to peer out the window. The sunrise had been beautiful that day, a warm glow of pink and orange that gave the homes surrounding theirs a vibrant shine. A small smile pulled onto his lips.

What a beautiful day, he had thought.

A few minutes later, he padded down the stairs with a yawn and made his way into the kitchen. The smell of pancakes filled his nose and he could hear the gentle sizzle of the frying pan. Upon entering the room, his mother turned around and gave him a soft smile. Her hair was long, dyed in several stripes of colour that matched well to the pale blond she’d passed down to Eos. Many thin braids lined the expanse of it but for the moment, as she cooked, it was pulled back neatly with a blue ribbon. Her face was gentle, showing signs of age along the creases of her lips and eyes but there was nothing that gave way to the stresses of age. There was peace, even in the dark brown of her eyes. An apron was pulled around her waist in security but she still adorned her usual pajamas of sweatpants and a tshirt.

“Good morning, butterfly. Did you sleep well?”

Eos nodded softly, moving over to the counter and plucking a raspberry from a bowl she had already set out. “I did.” He sppken before popping it into his mouth.

“Any dreams?” She asked, turning back to the frying pan and flipping a pancake.

Wandering over, Eos pulled out a bar stool from the counter and took a seat, claiming himself another raspberry before speaking, “Nothing I can remember.”

She chuckled. “Not dreaming of sparrows again?” She glanced at him from the corner of her eye as a dark pink filled Eos’ cheeks. Her smile widened. “I thought as much.”

“It’s nothing.” He mumbled, deciding to occupy his lips with a strawberry this time. It was larger and a means of avoiding the impending statement for a few seconds longer.

“Come now.” She smiled, lifting the pancake from the frying pan and setting it onto an already grown stack. Clicking off the stove, she had set the pan aside and removed her apron. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re already 13; plenty old enough to be developing such feelings.”

Eos watched her hang the apron but decided to hold his tongue on the matter. His gaze flicked down as he tried to avoid the topic. She chuckled once again, sliding the plate of pancakes over to him and moving around the counter to sit next to him. “It’s the first day of summer vacation; your sparrow should be flying home today, correct?”

“… Last night.” He replied, picking up his fork and claiming two pancakes onto his own plate. The colour had yet to leave his cheeks. “He was playing last night.”

A knowing smile tugged at her lips, nudging the honey toward him and picking up the bowl of berries for herself. “He plays the violin, yes? I would love to hear it. You should invite him over.”

“He’s probably tired.” Eos replied simply, picking up the bottle and pouring a generous amount over his pancakes.

“That’s hardly an excuse. I’m certain that seeing you would be a welcome sight.” She replied, holding her hand out for the honey. Eos passed it to her, taking the bowl of berries and littering his pancakes with them. “You could bring him some banana muffins.”

“… You think?” He questioned, looking a little uncertain.

“You were born to bring light into this world, butterfly.” She brushed her fingers at his hair, tucking a strand behind his ear affectionately. “Follow your heart. Your sparrow is a gentle spirit.”

Eos looked over to her, a hopeful expression filling his entire face.

She withdrew her hand and smiled. “Just remember to respect yourself and your own boundaries. Your safety and happiness should always be your largest priority. Don’t hide your light with fear of the unknown.”

She turned toward her breakfast and Eos chanced a look out the front window. The house across the street looked quiet in the early morning hours and he felt his heart speed up. Banana muffins, huh?

A soft chime from his plate pulls his attention and his mother points at it with her own fork. “But breakfast first, butterfly. You can visit after our morning meditation.”

“Yes, mum.” He replied, digging into his pancakes. His mind, however, was elsewhere. He wondered about what he should wear. Would the banana muffins be too sweet for him? Maybe he should bring something else. He supposed he shouldn’t go over too early; he would still be sleeping at this hour.

Before he knew it, his plate was devoid of breakfast and suddenly his optimism was unrivaled.

His previous thought was surely to be confirmed now.

It was going to be a truly beautiful day.

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Wanderlust Twins ☆ Hyacinth

In the beginning, the twins lived in an alternate realm called Alo – a realm that was reserved for shape shifting demons. Alo is a realm that is built much like a large cavern. There are stalactites in place of a wide, open sky. Their light source (since something akin to the sun is absent) are the thousands of bio-luminescent insects that reside along the walls of the cavern. They often live in swarms, their glowing light varying blue, purple and green based on their species. They are a constant in this realm – a light source that never dies. Because this realm resides in a world of interconnecting caverns, the city structures are build directly into the cavern walls or carved from the stone to create the homes of these shape shifting demons.


Now twins in this realm were rare – believed to be of high value – and so when they were born, they were kept secret. Twins were believed to bring good fortune, only ever appearing in Alo’s history during periods of great victories in battles and times of prosperity. As such, they were forced to remain in their home that was carved securely into the cavern walls. They knew no other life than what happened beyond them.

Born the illegitimate children of a more powerful demon’s mistress, the twins and their mother were kept together in their home. Their mother raised them to the best of her ability. She was kind and attentive, but also stern and authoritative when needed. She taught them many things from personal skills to reading to morality. They loved her. However, her heart only remained with her children, not the man who confined them for his own selfish gain and so she sought love elsewhere. When the General (the twins biological father and head of the city they reside in) caught wind of her affair with another in his household, he had the both of them killed and disposed of.

He told the twins that she had escaped. It was only as they got older that they learned the truth. The twins mourned the loss of their mother and the distaste they had for the General grew to a pure hatred over the years. A defiance.

Living in such close quarters for so many years, the twins were always very close. They were never apart. They shared the same room and bed, clothes and toys. Even as they grew older, such things never changed. Their interests shifted from shared toys to shared books and soon their personal interests and aspirations began to develop.

However, one such wish remained the same – their thirst for freedom; to no longer have to catch glimpses of the city through open windows.

Such a feat became more feasible when the youngest, Sora, stumbled across a small, dusty library when exploring the castle in his kitten form. He’d had to squeeze through some broken stone near the edge of the boarded up door but soon came across their salvation. The entire library was filled with dusty old tales and pictures of many other realms but after showing it to the Eldest, Nora, they grew particularly fascinated with one realm in particular.

Earth. A curious place from the words they read together, filled with wonders they’d never known and longed to experience.

So they devised a plan of action to escape.

Their escape was successful; the house remained unaware of their departure until it was too late. They made their way through a portal to the realm of Earth; first the Eldest, and then the Youngest.

However, when the Eldest emerged to Earth first, she found that the flow of time was quite different from their Alo. The Youngest did not emerge immediately. As such, she transformed into her kitten form and remained beside the portal for a full year’s time before the Youngest was finally through and able to join her.


During that one year’s time, the Eldest was able to witness all of the seasons that Earth had to offer – the good and the bad of each – and grew a large fondness to the plant life that kept her company while she waited. A love for nature that never wavered.

But for the Youngest, no time had passed since he’d stepped into the portal mere seconds after his sister. So when he arrived, she already had many things to tell him and show him as the seasons began to change and pass.

They have travelled all over, exploring and learning many things from cultures to histories to languages. They have lived mainly in their human forms to blend into Earth but neither were ever conservative about exploring in their kitten forms. However, they keep their half form (human but with kitty ears and a tail) exclusive to when they’re alone together after an incident happened where they were chased from a village for being cursed.

They are immortal beings in age alone; they cannot grow old or become sick but they remain as vulnerable as any human and can be killed by anything they can. As such, they survived by being cautious but their personal growth stopped when they crossed through the portal. As such, they are both fixed in a kitten state (never to reach an adult cat form) and their human forms are set to look around the age of 19 – and so this is the age they generally keep when they move to different towns. They have found that humans grow weary and suspicious of them when they reside in one place for too long and so have developed a wanderlust over the several hundred years they’ve been exploring this realm.

However, since their first year of separation, never have they parted each others side. Never again would the Eldest have to endure the weight of that loneliness – and never would the Youngest let her.

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Apple ☆ Tales of the Abyss

Character/Pairing: Guy Cecil, Luke fon Fabre
Prompt: apple
Date Written: 10/07/2007

“Yuck!” A little voice gurgled, poking his tongue out showing bits of chewed up yellow fruit.

His blond companion looked a bit revolted. “Your supposed to eat it, Luke. Not show it to me.”

The redhead scowled him and put down the half chewed apple slice. “It’s disgusting!”

Blue eyes clashed with green and a thirteen year old Guy picked up the same slice the redhead had tried to put back. “It’s an apple.”

“That doesn’t taste like an apple!”

“Hey, I hand picked this, thank you very much.” Guy tried to convince him by guilt tripping him into it.

Like that would work.

Luke shook his head, face scrunched up in disgust. “Then you eat it.”

Guy rolled his eyes and tried to push the fruit onto the boy. He wouldn’t have it. Instead, he put up his hands and shook his head, lips closed firmly. The blond wasn’t one to get frustrated but the Lady had said Luke needed to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

“Why do you have to be such a picky eater? What’s wrong with it? Look, it tastes fine!” Guy demonstrated by popping the already chewed piece into his mouth, downing it without any difficulty. It tasted perfectly fine just like any other apple.

It was Luke’s turn to look disgusted. “That was in my mouth.”

“Like your going to give me some horrible disease. It’s just a bit of saliva.” Guy brushed it aside.

“Ewww … Guy, your disgusting. I’m not touching that now.” Luke proclaimed and weaseled off his chair trying to scurry away. Though at nine years old, Luke’s short legs couldn’t match those of the growing blond. He caught him easily around the center with the redhead struggling.

“You can’t make me eat that!”

“Wanna tempt me? I can make you eat anything and you will eat this apple even if I have to hand feed it to you.” Guy grumbled, hauling the flailing boy back into the chair.

Luke kept trying to get away so Guy was forced to hold onto his wrist and pin that to the table. “Eat it. It’s good for you.”

Another head shaken. Guy gave a sigh. “Your going to make the Lady worry if you don’t.”

The redhead only seemed to consider this for a mere moment before looking revolted again. “It tastes funny.”

“It’s sweet. I thought you liked sweet.”

Luke didn’t say anything. With that act, Guy was basically forced to try up another way to get Luke to eat the stupid fruit.

“… Honey. You like honey right?”

Luke nodded, looking suspicious. Guy grinned. “Well what if we dipped the apple slices in honey. Would that be alright?”

“I don’t want to eat the apple. I already told you that!”

Guy waved at him, not believing him for a moment. “At least try it.” He commented, looking through the cupboard for that jar of honey. The cooks would be pretty mad at him if they found him crawling all over the counters. It wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t quite big enough yet to reach the top shelf.

He glanced back to see Luke sitting patiently. He’d expected the boy to take off in his moment of freedom. Either he knew he couldn’t outrun Guy or he figured it best to actually try it out. He doubted it could have been any other reason.

Guy hopped down from the counter with ease, cradling the jar softly in his hands as to not break it or spill any. He plopped it onto the table and grabbed one of the apple slices. Looking into the jar with a skillful eye, Guy put his hand in past the rim, catching some of the sticky sweetness onto the fruit and pulled it out carefully, his hand never graced to inside of the jar.

He put the jar back into a standing position and cupped his hand under the apple slice. It was dripping with the golden sugar as he offered it to Luke. The boy looked at it oddly before shifted himself to move forward a bit. Guy grinned, glad that Luke was going to actually try it out and pushed it forward a bit more, hand still under it so Luke didn’t get any honey on himself. The redhead sniffed it like it might have been fake and then took a nibble off the end, popping back into his chair stiffly.

“Yuck.” He spoke immediately after swallowing it.

Guy looked at him with complete disbelief. “Wha-? Your lying.”

“Am not.” Luke countered, folding his arms and looking away stubbornly.

Guy didn’t really notice at the moment that he had a small puddle of honey in the palm of his hand. “I think you actually liked it.”

“Didn’t!” Green eyes were glaring at the chair beside him, not Guy.

Guy was smiling though. Leave it to Luke to never admit anything. “Well fine, then I’ll have it.” His tone held a testing manner as he munched on the remainder of the fruit slice.

Luke flinched slightly but still held up his rebellious posture. Of course Guy noticed it and just tried to make it worse. “It’s a pity you don’t like it Luke. I mean, the honey adds just the right touch to it. It’s really sweet and it makes the apple taste even better. You sure you don’t want any?”

“I-I’m sure! I don’t like apples.”

Guy shrugged. “I’ll go give some to Pere then. I bet he’ll really like them.” He turned and stepped out of the kitchen, bringing a couple slices along with him.

Luke turned to watch him go and only when he disappeared for a few good seconds did Luke even bother to look back at the fruit. He glanced back again and around the kitchen, expecting someone to pop up. He reached to the plate and grabbed a slice, snapping his head back to glare at the door. Where he thought would be an amused Guy he saw nothing but an empty doorframe. He grabbed the jar and tipped it, still glancing around and dipped the apple into the honey. Making sure he didn’t drip it anywhere, he popped the fruit slice into his mouth and chewed on it with a soft look of contentment.

Such a little liar.‘ Guy thought, peeking from the crack between the door and doorframe, tall enough to look over the second door hinge. Nibbling on his own piece of fruit, Guy figured it better to just leave Luke to his own.

Guy wasn’t too sure if he’d ever actually ran that fast before. He was apart of the search party for his missing master. Absolutely everyone in the manor was out and looking for Luke and so far everyone had come up empty handed. Guy was checking high and low for the young master in their current position: Choral Castle.

“Luke… LUKE!” He called, running into bedrooms and hidden chambers. He was going to be the first to find him. Not to gain credit or anything, he was really worried. If he was the first to find him, that would sooth any fears he had bouncing around in his stomach.

He knew it was stupid to think but why couldn’t finding him have been simple? Like he’d just be laying on the stairs or maybe on one of the beds or even-

“Luke?” Guy took an immediate halt, glancing toward a statue. He tilted his head, only seeing bits of red poking out from beside it and instantly got his hopes up. “Luke!”

When he came close enough, he slid against the stone floor and halted as his foot landed flatly against the base of the statue. “Luke!” Guy suddenly felt sick with overcome emotion.

His hands went to the shoulders of the figure and he rolled him over. When the features of his face mixed with that red hair, Guy felt like breaking down from relief. “Luke! Luke, wake up.” Who the hell would just dump him here like some kind of trash?

Apparently, the boy wasn’t ever asleep but to Guy, he didn’t look awake. His eyes were open but he the most blank expression on his face. Guy would have though him dead if he didn’t have a pulse and was breathing. “Luke?” He questioned, fingers grazing over his face. Why wasn’t he reacting?

He turned and shouted as loud as he could that he found him. He shouted and shouted until he heard the clanking of armor coming up the stairs and he lowered his voice but didn’t stop calling. It was only until the small group of soldiers were right beside him did he silence his yelling. He looked down at Luke as the soldiers tried as well to get a reaction from him.

Luke just blinked and stared forward. His forward happened to be Guy but he didn’t look at him with anything. Not with relief or annoyance or even joy. What was wrong with him? What the hell did Malkuth do to him to make him like this? “Luke?” He questioned again as the soldiers helped him to his feet.

Guy stood immediately when the soldiers momentarily let go of him and Luke’s legs didn’t support him. The blond caught him on his way up and tried to straighten him out. “Come on Luke, we have to get you back to the manor. Your mother is sick with worry.”

Nothing. Not even a flinch. When Guy tried to walk while being Luke’s support, the redhead couldn’t hold his own. His feet would just drag and Guy had to keep catching him to haul him back up. He wasn’t even able to stand, what the hell was the matter?

With the help of the reluctant soldiers, Guy got Luke onto his back and carried him all the way he needed to.

Managing to get him home, Guy had to wait quite sometime before he was able to see Luke again. It was understandable considering the Lady was devastated when he went missing. Lord fon Fabre had his own share of worry but now they were gushing over the fact that their empty son was back in their arms.

A few hours turned into a couple days and finally Guy was permitted to go see his friend and master. He was residing is the kitchen when he found him. He had a couple things before him that he keep looking at curiously before chewing on them. Anything he didn’t like, he put back. He did that to everything he tried out. All but one.

The apple slices.

Guy watched him without making his presence known as Luke picked up the fruit and nibbled on it. After a moment like he was deciding the taste, he chewed a bit more. He continued this process until he’d finished up the entire slice and reached for another.

Something dropped and broke inside Guy in that moment and he moved so he was standing beside the redhead. “Do you like those?” He questioned softly, his voice cracked in some places.

Luke glanced up at him with that blank face again and then back down at the plate. The apple in his hand rested in midair a moment before Luke brought it to his lips and continued to eat. Guy wondered if he just didn’t understand the question.

“Luke, you hate these kinds of apples. Since when…?” Guy trailed off, watching the redhead not even take note of him talking and continue on fulfilling his hunger.

Guy clenched his hands into fists and looked to the floor feeling like he’d just lost something he was never going to get back. In a moment of insecurity of that feeling, Guy reached over and hugged the boy quickly.

“What happened to you?”

Luke simply sat there, a new slice in his fingers and his lips moved and tongue clicked softly to utter the first words Guy would ever hear him say.

“I don’t remember.”

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