Cheese ☆ Soulmate Verse

Lucas points the camera at ZJ and quickly snaps a picture before the man even has time to react. The flash goes off and ZJ is left blinking, looking like he is trying to figure out what exactly just happened.

He simply laughs. “Pretty damn bright, ain’t it?” Glancing at the digital screen, he grins. “Hey, you’re pretty photogenic, ZJ. Nicely done.”

He hits a button and lifts the camera again but this time he points it at Cihn. The blond can see that stupid smile from behind it.

“Your turn, Cihn. Give me a big smile.”

Cihn doesn’t. Instead, he folds his arms across his chest.

“Go home, Lucas.”

Blind ☆ Soulmate Verse

Seated at the kitchen table, nose shoved into his textbook, Cihn gives a noise of surprise when suddenly his sight is blocked. A hand slips out from behind him, covering his eyes. The room goes black.

He tilts his head up but the hand stays put. He chuckles. “ZJ. I should study.”

“You’ll pass ‘nyway. Ya always do.” A simple kiss is placed behind his ear. A second one follows, pressed to his neck.

Cihn smiles softly, welcoming the distraction. “You don’t know that. It’s my first university exam. They’re written to be more challenging.”

“You’ll pass.” ZJ sounds completely confident in the matter as a third kiss goes to his shoulder. A hand smoothes over it and the other slips away from his eyes. Green eyes peer up at him as he tilts his head back curiously. ZJ simply bends down and places a final kiss to his lips.

“Now come t’ bed. Ya can study in the mornin’.”

Coma ☆ Soulmate Verse

Cihn presses a hand to his own stomach, leaning just a little bit too forward to give the appearance of being perfectly fine. “I’m gonna pass out. That was way too much food.”

“Was nice ‘a your Ma to invite us f’r Thanksgiving.”

Cihn looks over at him as the taxi pulls away. He makes a face. “You ate more then anyone: how are you so energetic?”

Glancing down at him, ZJ breaks into a grin.

Cihn stares at that smile a moment before he looks away with a scowl. “Oh, shut up.”